Best Promotional Items for Giveaways


Promotional pens

Printed promotional pens with your logo is the best way to get your brand into the hands of hundreds (if not thousands) of potential customers. Whether at home or in work, your client is always going to need to write down a note or two. If you hand out a pen that looks cheap, your brand will give the same impression. So invest in a quality pen and your brand will give your customer a quality impression!



Branded power banks

If anything can describe the word ‘first-world problem’, it’s your smartphone battery running out and having nowhere to plug in your charger! In a world where smartphone battery power lasts as long as the Irish weather, your client is sure to appreciate a handy promotional power bank so they can charge their device on the go. And the best part? Your logo is on their mind every thing their phone needs charging!


Promotional mugs

When it comes to promotional items for giveaways and tradeshows, most people would rather receive something more useful than a business card. With this in mind, branded mugs are suitable for just about every industry. Promotional travel mugs are also great for those customers who are always on the go.


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