Time for School

Now that summer is well under way, most people don’t want to think about school this next fall. But it’s also a prime time to go about preparing and thinking about promotional products for your school.

Everyone knows about school jumpers and t-shirts, but why in the world would you want to bother with other promotional products? If you think about it, most people are in school from early childhood right up until the early to mid twenties. That’s a considerable portion of people’s lives being spent in school. Take all that time and consider the possibility for brand recognition in regards to school. It’s a great way to market a product, because students will be exposed to items within the school and will show things to peers, parents and even perfect strangers they pass on the street.

With that idea in mind, there are plenty of promotional products that are very creative and will get your products noticed. Here are a few ideas.


  1. Drawstring bagsdrawstringbag

Okay, yes, drawstring bags are nothing new. But they are extremely useful. When you’re heading out to a sports event or a family outing and need a quick and easy place to store food, water, sunglasses and other supplies, drawstring bags are a great choice. And the more they are used, the more the logo is noticed.

  1. Promotional Diary                                                


Even with many people using their phones more and more to manage their lives, many people find that a diary is extremely useful for organising schedules. It’s easier to grab a pen and jot down appointments and homework than it is to use a phone. Not to mention that most teachers frown upon phones being out in class. So, when a student pulls out a diary with your logo on it to check what needs to be done, that’s another opportunity to be recognised. It’s also useful, since students who check a diary are actually going to do the homework.

  1. Logo USB wristband


If you’re anything like me, remembering where that silly USB drive got off to is always frustrating. They can be small and easily lost, but wristbands solve that problem. People are more likely to remember the USB wristband, as they wear it. This means that your company logo is readily in view for a good portion of the day. This promotional product is clever and has wide brand recognition, which makes it perfect for school.


There are many other potential promotional products that can be used for school. School logos or company logos, they can both be put on pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes, phone covers, water bottles and more. I know, I know, it’s summer. You’re meant to be enjoying the holiday. But you can think about it while you enjoy a cool glass of iced tea on your holidays.

When you’re ready, Qflow Promotions will be there to help you sort out exactly what you need.




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