How to Get the Most Out Of Your Promotional Products

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Promotional Products

Putting your name on things seems easy. You want to get your business out there? Throw a logo onto a fridge magnet and send it out. Sure, that might work for a lot of people, but there are also the people who don’t have a magnetic fridge. And while a magnet is easy, is it really the best way to reach people? The goal of promotional products is, after all, to get people to recognise and remember you.

Here are some tips for designing and using promotional products that people actually want and will use again and again.


  1. Think visibility.

So the magnet idea is great, if people are constantly looking at the fridge. (Okay, I know, I look at the thing at least three times a day.) But you have to think about where your target customers are most of the day and where your products will get the most visibility. For some, people are at their desks all day. So why not make a great desk product like a pen holder or sticky note organiser? For people who drive a lot, maybe a hanging air freshener or phone holder for their dashboard? You want to make something that will be seen, a lot, by your customers.

  1. Think useful.

So visibility would be the first step, but even if you see something, if it’s not useful, people aren’t going to, well, use it. A promotional rubiks cube is really cool if you’re a brainiac who likes to do things with your hands. But if you’re out and about running a catering company, chances are a branded spatula is going to be far more useful. People like products they actually use and will keep them for far longer than something they don’t. If you can get them a promotional product they not only see frequently but use on a regular basis, then people are going to associate your name with being useful. They’re going to think of you more readily than the company who gave out the stress ball that sits in the back of their desk drawer.

  1. Cost?

The days of cheap, throw-away promotional products are changing. Sure, a disposable water bottle is a great, cheap way to get your name out to people in a visible, useful product. But as soon as the water has been drunk, then your products is going to be binned. Spending a little bit more and creating reusable water bottles will ensure that people are using and seeing your product – and your information – for a very long time. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg, just enough to be set apart from other companies’ products. People are also more likely to remember the fact that you spent a bit more money on them by producing better-quality promotional products. This shows you care a little bit more than the other company. It’s like getting a mixed cookie gift in a special tin at the holidays, instead of a cheap box brought over by that cousin you don’t much like.


There are many ways that you can get your name out into people’s lives without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. A unique promotional product that people see and use is a great way to get people to remember you.

The best part? You can contact us at Qflow Promotions ( or call at 01-902-0121) and we’ll help with design, product choice, printing and delivery. All your promotional needs, solved, right here at Qflow.

And, it turns out, people do use fridge magnets, too.


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