What am I Supposed to do with Promotional Products?

In this day and age, marketing is all about reaching people on social media. Want to announce a new product? Take a picture and post it on Facebook with some catchy phrasing and voila, you’ve reached a whole slew of people. Want to keep your customers up to date with the latest company news? Twitter and Instagram provide quick updates. Even if you are just walking around, most of the people around you will have their phone in hand, either looking at the screen or listening via earphones. So why in the world would you bother spending money on promotional products that people are just going to stuff in a drawer?

Despite the fact that our society is an ever-growing digital one, there are things that still matter to people every day…..items…products….stuff we use every day. People drink water from water bottles, they wear t-shirts, they use USB sticks for storage, they need umbrellas (especially in Ireland), they still write with pens and they still write on paper notebooks – all of this ‘stuff’ can be branded with your logo and help to promote your brand by becoming he personal possessions of your customers. These are just the things that people use every day, not to mention the things people use occasionally, like balloons and golf products. Someone using a sports bag even twice a week will look at the bag 104 times per year. If that bag has your logo on it, that’s 104 times per year that this person will be reminded of your company, even casually. If the sports bag is used more than twice a week, the numbers go up dramatically.

Promotional products are not just a cost-effective way to entice people to stop by your booth at conferences and trade shows, they are potentially lasting statements about your company. People might be inclined to dispose of the plastic bags they receive at a conference, but the 4GB USB stick that comes in the bag? That’s useful and they’ll keep that. The more products that people are inclined to use, like water bottles and umbrellas (again, Ireland), the more potential there is for logo and name recognition. Isn’t that the whole point of marketing?

Social media is a great tool for reaching a wide audience, but it is easy to miss a post or turn off a screen. Having something in hand, something you can touch is a much more lasting means of getting people to notice you.

Besides, people love getting things. Trade shows and conferences can sometimes be boring, but everyone loves the stuff.


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