How to Get the Most Out Of Your Promotional Products

Putting your name on things seems easy. You want to get your business out there? Throw a logo onto a fridge magnet and send it out. Sure, that might work for a lot of people, but there are also the people who don’t have a magnetic fridge. And while a magnet is easy, is it really the best way to reach people? The goal of promotional products is, after all, to get people to recognise and remember you. Here are some tips for designing and using promotional products that people actually want and will use again and again.


What am I Supposed to do with Promotional Products?

Despite the fact that our society is an ever-growing digital one, there are things that still matter to people every day…..items…products….stuff we use every day. People drink water from water bottles, they wear t-shirts, they use USB sticks for storage, they need umbrellas (especially in Ireland), they still write with pens and they still write on paper notebooks – all of this ‘stuff’ can be branded with your logo and help to promote your brand by becoming he personal possessions of your customers. These are just the things that people use every day, not to mention the things people use occasionally, like balloons and golf products. Someone using a sports bag even twice a week will look at the bag 104 times per year. If that bag has your logo on it, that’s 104 times per year that this person will be reminded of your company, even casually.